Duck Hunting in Missouri

"Come experience the finest duck hunting in Missouri."

Duck Hunts in MissouriOur Missouri duck hunts take place in nice,spacious 20 ft. pits in flooded rice fields. Our fields are some of the most proven duck hunting spots around. We have several different areas around prime refuges that holds the waterfowl needed to have a good duck hunt. You will be able to be transported straight to our pits on argos or 4-wheelers to make your hunt as enjoyable as possible. The guides will do everything possible to ensure a good hunt and are some of the hardest working people you will meet. Southeast Missouri has become an absolute duck magnet and makes for some of the best duck hunting in the world.

Missouri waterfowl hunting was fantastic again this season. The nearby refuges staged hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese. You have to enjoy duck hunting in Missouri like the way we hunt, in comfort.

Duck hunting in Missouri has become very well known and extremely successful. Bustin Beaks has been in service for almost a decade and we are hometown guys that know every nook and honey hole that this area has to offer. Here at Bustin Beaks we strive to make sure everyone has a great and successful time while they are duck hunting or experiencing one of our spring snow goose hunts.

Our Missouri duck hunts will take place in flooded timber or some of our famous rice fields. These rice fields are in high traffic areas close to huge refuges that winter thousands of ducks every year. We try to have a good time and work our tales off to ensure everyone has a great time and leaves happy. We supply huge pits with dog boxes on each end where guys can bring their dogs. I will always have mine on the other end. Fields are also supplied with huge realistic decoy spreads with motion along with every little extra you can think of. Our fields are prepared with detail from where we have levees to what type of camo we use on our pits. Our duck pits are scouted everyday and rotated as much as possible to ensure a great Missouri duck hunt.